Difference Between Postal Services And Couriers – Reviews & Thoughts!

Recently, I talked about the various types of logistics companies in Singapore. Now, let us dive deep into only courier service firms in Singapore.

Here’s the main difference between courier service and postal service (which most outsiders to the industry or non-office workers do not understand very much at all!). When you send a mail or envelope via postal service, the postal company does NOT hold any kind of responsibility for lost mail, and need NOT account to any of its customers about the delivery status. On the other hand, a courier company IS accountable to its customers about the delivery status as well as holding FULL responsibility when it comes to that particular item to be delivered! Can you already see the reason why companies use courier services for documents instead of postal services?

It is very important to understand that all else remaining equal, courier services has absolutely nothing to do with postal services – except that they are supposed to get your item delivered to your intended recipient.

Additionally, postal services do not care whether your item gets delivered on the next working day. Your items sent by postal services is supposed to be delivered by the next working day in Singapore, but that is usually not the case, if you have used postal services before in Singapore. However, when it comes to courier services, if a courier company does not get it delivered on time, they are at fault and they need to hold responsibility for it. Additionally, in a rare situation that they will be even a tiny bit late, a responsible courier team will be accountable to you. Of course, most people do not care if it’s just a little late, as long as the intended recipient receives it, but you get that type of accountability.

Third of all, if you want to send something by post, you MUST do it strictly before a certain timing, and there’s no negotiation room whatsoever. Also, you cannot ask the postman to prioritize your delivery and deliver it first or by hand. However, for a courier company (not all though…), they may be able to cater to your last minute urgent requests if they can fulfill it (e.g. they have people near your pick up location). One such company will be http://www.pcamasters.com. They were able to fulfill even my last minute or urgent requests. It’s definitely much better than using the postal services. In fact, my opinion is that using a suitable courier firm like PCA Masters in Singapore is just like owning a car. Once you own a car, you will never go back to taking the public transportation in Singapore. Never.

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