Partnering A Courier Company – What You Must Know

Here are some tips for you to know, before you go out there and partner a local courier firm in Singapore for your local company’s deliveries.

As a person in the industry and has made mistakes hiring the wrong courier company, I have more than 1 or 2 tips to provide you and your company with when selecting a partner courier company.

  1. Always check out the courier company’s past, portfolio as well as reviews. Some companies have been around for only a few weeks, and their pricing may be very low. These are usually highly indicative of a disaster waiting to happen. These are mostly subcontractor companies, and sometimes they try to get business directly from the end consumer – a.k.a. you. However, most of these subcontractor companies are better at delivering, than doing business. Most of them go bust within 1 year or just a few months. This is because they usually lack creativity when it comes to growing their business, other than slashing prices and taking everything they can – only to realize they can’t turn a profit and are suffering huge losses. If you notice such a company, take very good care and not work with them… unless you want to see your effort go to waste. It’s better to pay more for a reliable and trusted courier firm in Singapore, than one which is unnamed and unknown.
  2. Note that not every company provides credit. Make sure to ask the companies before working with a particular company. Some customers require credit, and this may be the case for your company too. If that’s the case, then make sure to check it out with the courier company first.
  3. Also, find out how to order from them. Some companies require you to fill out lengthy consignment notes, while others let you call them or order using a short 30 second form online like That will save you time, effort and tons of productivity in the long term. Either way, find one that suits your company’s requirements.
  4. Some courier companies work on weekends, but most do not. Make sure to find one that’s suitable for you – especially if you need deliveries on weekends. If you need deliveries on weekdays, it is usually not a big problem, as almost every courier firm works on weekdays.
  5. Finally, find that courier company which listens to you and is responsive. Trust me, when things go wrong, the worst feeling is talking to an unresponsive courier company. Nothing is worse than that. This is because you’re getting no accountability, and your items are very important. Most importantly, make sure to get a responsive courier firm in Singapore and you’re set and ready to go.

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