Review Of Singapore Delivery And Logistics Companies

There are different logistics companies in Singapore, dealing with different parts of the logistics chain as well as serving different customer groups. I shall talk about the various types of delivery companies, and the best in each category.

Firstly, let us talk about the local Singapore courier service industry. In my opinion, the best courier services company in Singapore is PCAMasters. Here are my reasons why. There used to be 2 problems when it comes to courier service in Singapore before I met PCA Masters. The couriers were always super unresponsive, and unable to take in my delivery, and don’t even bother helping me check or reschedule my delivery. The main reason I engage courier services is not to save money, but to save time and effort, yet many other companies in Singapore have made me so much more stressed when engaging courier services versus doing it by myself. However, PCA Masters has changed the game rapidly and is growing fast in Singapore when I last checked with their management. This is expected due to their heavy investment in their customer service support, and that was severely lacking (and still is) in the industry.

Second of all, let us talk about moving companies (for furniture or bulky items). Once again, there are many companies, and many sole proprietors (who generally fail after 1-2 months of lack of customers). Most people in Singapore know how to be employees, but not employers. Hence only a few good companies in Singapore exist. One of the best moving companies in Singapore has to be Shalom Movers. With a large fleet of lorries, their service is impeccable, as they’re very well experienced in taking care of not damaging your items (furniture e.t.c.). Many movers which charge cheaper may not be as experienced, and end up making scratches or dents to your items, which will then cost more to you in the long term.

Third of all, let us talk about international shipping companies. There are 3 main logistics players in Singapore – namely, Fedex, DHL and UPS. These are the largest international freight companies in Singapore. Personally, I have noticed that DHL and Fedex are more popular in Singapore, both with companies as well as with individuals, with DHL being slightly more popular than Fedex. I have had items sent with both, and DHL is generally reliable as well.

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