Should You Use Speedpost Or A Courier Service In Singapore?

There are times where you might be wondering how to deliver something to somebody without travelling there yourself. Most people will turn to postal services most of the times. However, as most people are now increasingly realizing, there’s no accountability in Singapore’s postal services. If something goes missing, they never take responsibilities for their mistakes. Additionally, if it did get delivered to the intended recipient, yet if the intended recipient lies that he or she did not receive it (which can be the usual case for lawyer letters), there is no way you can dispute that.

This is the reason why most business owners and companies in Singapore prefer using a courier service of some sort. However, there are two main kinds of courier providers in Singapore. First of all, there would be the Speedpost, and there are private courier firms. There are differences in the types of services they provide. One of the biggest differences between Speedpost’s services and a private courier in Singapore is that you need to still go to the nearest Speedpost branch and spend 30 minutes queuing up to get your item delivered. On the other hand, when you engage a private courier firm in Singapore, they pick up from your location, so you never need to step out of the comfort of your office or house. I think you’re starting to understand why more companies turn to courier firms instead.

Next of all, think about this – why do companies want to engage a courier service? Other than accountability, companies want convenience! Imagine if a person had to travel to a location only to have it delivered later. It would be a waste of that employee’s time, which is unproductive when he/she is travelling. Why not, pay a little more, a few dollars more, and get a courier firm to help you pick up from YOUR location and deliver it instead? Saves time, effort and provides great convenience. This is the reason why I always use local courier services for all of my small item deliveries in Singapore. Saves me time and money. People who understand the concept of time and its importance will appreciate courier firms more.

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